Stephanie Foote is a British photographer, whose images give voice to conservation issues, scientific research and human stories about our relationship with nature.

As a true believer in the power of photography to generate impact, Stephanie is a contributor to The Canid Project. Working in collaboration with an international team of photographers, scientists and wildlife rehabilitators she uses her camera to tell stories about how we live with foxes in Britain.

In 2018 Stephanie worked as a photographer for Rangers Without Borders - Eurasia. This National Geographic-sponsored multidisciplinary project, in collaboration with WWF, highlights the work of wildlife rangers in an often-overlooked region and in doing so, reveals the challenges they face. Working in Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania and Poland, she documented the lives and work of wildlife rangers, as well as the high-priority species they are working to protect.

In her current role as a content creator at the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre, she uses creative visual communication to bridge the gap between science and art and to encourage decision makers to take full account of the values of biodiversity and make enlightened choices for both people and planet.



Stephanie Foote

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


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