Stephanie Foote is a wildlife photographer and videographer with a first class degree in Natural History Photography. She is currently based in the historic city of Cambridge (UK). Time spent in rural France exploring her relatives farm as a child inspired her love for wild adventures. 

Stephanie uses her passion for photography to promote a conscientious understanding of the environment and encourage others to engage in conservation efforts.

A special interest in mountain ecosystems and environmental education led her self publish a children's publication about the wildlife of The Aiguilles Rouges in France.  This project aims to inspire young audiences to have an interest in the mountain ranges flora and fauna but also raises awareness concerning climate change and invasive species. 





Stephanie now works as a contributing photographer and writer for The Canid Project. Working in collaboration with Amy Shutt she is producing a documentary and series of images examining the complex relationships between humans and red foxes in the UK. She hopes her project will encourage peaceful coexistence with this native predator. 

She is a member of the Female Nature Photography network. Her work was highly commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards in 2016 and another photograph received commended in the International Garden Photographer of the Year in 2017.

Stephanie was hired by SciArt Solutions to create a simple website showcasing their portfolio of environmental education materials.





In May 2018 Stephanie joined explorer Joshua Powell as a photographer for Rangers Without Borders - Eurasia, documenting vital research on the frontline of wildlife conservation in Kyrgyzstan working in collaboration with WWF and National Geographic.

Stephanie hopes to work in wildlife communications full time, and is happy to answer any queries via email. 

Contact Me: stephanie1foote@gmail.com